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the Tropical Gardens

The modern retail food hall can no longer serve a singular role. Representing excellence in gastronomy and opening space for community led initiatives are essential in building a brand which resonates with your local customers and reflect the regions vernacular for tourists.


Studio DS concept for the Tropical Gardens draws influence from urban streetscapes. The classic beach front with colonnades and recreational spaces enhanced by the beach and tropical gardens inspire the spaces and material palette.


Blending the boundaries between outdoor and indoor, customers will relax surrounded by verdant vegetation, richly tropical toned painted surfaces, and furniture made from warm natural materials. Deep, glazed tiling of a variety of green tones will form the flooring as well as the surfacing to the kiosks.


Use throughout the day varies with health and wellbeing classes during the morning, lunch markets, learning based breakout spaces and a live band in the evening, benefiting from both indoor gardens and terrace casual seating.

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