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the Green Hotel

In the run up to Dubai Expo 2020 a total of circa 50,000 new rooms are to be built. However, even with this new stock there will still be a shortage of affordable hotels within the city. Hotels within Dubai are disproportionately in the top end of the hotel market.

Studio DS' solution is to provide a Prefabricated Green Hotel that will provide 3* Accommodation to both Tourist and Business travellers. 

Room Pods/
Prefabricated high standard rooms that include finishes and bathrooms are assembled offsite and slotted into the matrix structure. This process reduces the onsite construction programme whilst providing a high-quality factory fitted finish. Modular rooms can be joined to obtain different layouts or styles. 

Internal modular structure comes in modular prefabricated pieces to optimise assembly and reduce onsite wastage. 

A concrete outer frame wraps the tower form. The frame is composed of modular prefabricated pieces assembled in situ.    

Facade louvres help to reduce facade irradiation and limit internal heat gain. 

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