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the Smart Retail Park

The History of Retail can be charted back to ancient times, its relevance in society will always occupy a central role in any city, town, or village. It’s evolution in typology has presented many templates in response to human needs and urban planning, with urban sprawl changing the shift of many towns centres post WW2. 

Present day response to rapid change in the market will have to recognise the need for a coordinated response by public and private sectors to ensure retail town centres and retail parks complement one another in order to provide a rich Customer Experience, which is essential to future retail destinations. 

the PARK is Studio DS and Hoare Lea’s concept for an innovative and successful out of town shopping destination, fit to operate from 2030 onwards. A theoretical site has been created to demonstrate the importance of place, in order to reduce urban sprawl and target new developments between retail parks and town centre. 

A distinct Customer Experience is key, through strategic planning, sustainable design and a retail led mixed use destination catering for customer’s daily needs, health & well-being and entertainment. 

24hr LIVE~WORK~PLAY offer at the PARK, will provide an innovative approach to modern out of town retail parks, and an anchor for new residential/commercial developments for all demographics. Convenience and quality of life outside polluted cities, will provide families a viable option to relocate to out of town locations, bringing start-ups to build local communities. 

Smart design will connect customers to technology led sustainable infrastructure, civic services, retail offers and entertainment for all age groups, thus increasing customer dwell times. Mix of use will secure customer base, vitally important for sustaining growth. 

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