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Central Embassy - Interior II

Studio DS proposal for the interior retail spaces introduced biodiversity and greater engagement with customers through new touch points and effective wayfinding, which enhanced tenant visibility.


Working closely with operations teams and analysing the malls performance was essential to Studio DS philosophy in creating efficient, adaptive, and effective spaces. An interactive map of the spaces was created to allow the operations team


A holistic vision was established with Central in realising new concepts for the interior spaces, such as Open House and redesigned terraces, which introduced gardens within the interior and exterior spaces. The dynamic brief would open the design for interior design collaborations, which has created a series of characters within the Central Embassy experience.   


Central to our wider role with the client, was working closely with a team of international designers, luxury tenants and contractors. We created a forum where we led senior project leaders to ensure the concept was respected and a holistic approach to design was adopted by all designers. We continue to work closely with the client to enhance a unique customer experience.

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